Our biological garden in Apuglia

After encountering the fertile ground that surrounds Masseria Del Gigante, the Fenestraz family has made the dream of creating a family farm in Apulia into reality.
Now, their goal is to share it with their guests and friends.


The fruits of our secular olive trees reflect the essence of the Mediterranean maquis and after a detailed transformation process, they turn into the delicious product also known as the nectar of the Gods. Our high-quality olive oil is made straight from our growing rows of olive trees and is ready to be enjoyed at our table. With 4 different varieties of authentic extra virgin olive oil, the flourishing olive groves are the main cultivation of our bio farm


The generous land of Salento has allowed us to grow an array of fruits and vegetables to charm your holiday meals. In our bio farm, you will find oranges, lemons, grapefruits, tomatoes, eggplants, salads, and more. We will use a lot of our fruits and vegetables to add flavour to your dishes and to make delicious local products.

We are currently working on making our very own limoncello, thanks to the many lemons that grow around Masseria del Gigante.

Make sure to try the tomato juice made from our garden’s own tomatoes, as its freshness will surely delight you. And don’t miss out on our rich jams and recipes like Cotognata Leccese – a deliciously sweet jelly made from the pulp of the quince fruit.

And for our guests visiting our Maisons in France, La Loze & AlpenRuitor, you will be delighted to find some of our garden’s exquisite products, such as our delicious jams, at our French Tables this Winter holiday.